Our Privacy Policy:

When you use the Estilada website, social media platforms, LINE messaging platform, store management dashboard and other areas of our website, or open any of our emails, links or other files in any way, we may gain access to your personal information.

Whilst we have detailed how we intend to use your data and our standard policies below, typically you can be confident that we are only interested in this information in order to provide you with top quality service and to improve your experience with Estilada via personalised suggestions, marketing and all of the details needed by our dedicated customer service team to provide top quality support.

If any aspect of this privacy policy is unclear, please contact us as we’d be more than happy to assist with clarification.

Last Updated: 9th November 2019


As we collect both personal and payment information from users; at all times, use of this website is allowed only by permitted users over 18 years of age.

Where you are accessing this website outside of our home jurisdiction, the ruling law of the Kingdom of Thailand shall warrant all access terms, and if your current jurisdiction does not allow access or interaction with our system for any reason whatsoever; please cease all activity and contact us to have any collected personal data removed.

How We Collect Your Data:

When You Sign Up: When you Sign Up to any of our Services including, but not limited to, our Newsletter, Facebook Lead Form, Twitter page, Instagram LINE, or any of our other Services we may receive Personal Information such as your name, email address, phone number and billing address. This Personal Information is used to tie any potential Services to your identity as well as to provide a Username and Password for accessing our various Systems.

When You Use our Services: We may collect usage data including email open rates, newsletter clicks, link clicks and anonymous browsing data including things like conversion goals and which campaign or ad you may have arrived to our website from. Furthermore, we may, in the course of your use of the Service, receive additional information whenever you update your payment details.

When You Communicate With Us: We may receive sensitive Personal Information that you send to us. We may also record all conversations sent and save this into a secure database that may be used in the future to provide a more efficient customer service experience.

How We Use Your Data:

To Provide The Services: In order to tie an order to your profile we need to create an account and a recurring billing method which will form your User Account. This Personal Information will be stored on our servers in order to administer the Services, and may also be transmitted to a central CMS in order to sync your personal and payment details with Third Party Services that we use to automate and provide the Services to our members.

To Improve Interest Based Marketing: We may use your Personal Information to personalise your experience including but not limited things like sending you only offers and information that you appear to be interested in, or segmenting users between active and inactive clients. This helps us to not only identify technical and usability issues with the Services, but also means that any promotions and marketing that we do perform are relevant and of interest to you.

To Communicate With You: When we need to get in contact with you we may use your Personal Information to do so. This could include things such as your email address or phone number and will generally be because we need to get in touch with you to reply to an enquiry you’ve sent us, or as part of a marketing communication. You may unsubscribe to newsletters at any time, but you will continue to receive Transactional Emails with regards to your account which will include important communications about your payment details including your receipts, payment detail updates and Cancellations of the Services.

Third Parties That May Receive Your Data:

Payment Processors and Banks: In order for us to take payments, we may pass your Personal Information including billing address and other Personal Information. This information is transmitted securely via SSL and industry standard encryption. In the case of Card and Payment Details such as plain-text Credit Card details (including things such as Card Number, CVC/CVV and Expiry Date) your data is processed directly on the Payment Processor’s servers and is not stored or transmitted in any way to Estilada. At no time do our staff, contractors or other entities outside of the Payment Processor have access to this untokenised Payment Information.

CRMs and Marketing Platforms: In order to allow us to provide automated marketing, member updates and other marketing based material, we may provide your data to our secure Third Party platforms. These Third Parties may operate in countries outside of Australia and therefore the use of your Personal Information may be governed by international jurisdictions.

Ad Networks: We use a variety of Ad Networks in order to drive traffic and interest in our website and some of our strategies may include the use of tokenised Lookalike Audiences which may involve passing along some of your Personal Information. This data is usually anonymised with no Third Party having access to the plain-text version of your Personal Information however the exact process is governed by the Terms and Conditions of these Third Parties.
Analytics and User Tracking: As part of our Analytics and user experience improvement strategies, we may utilise services such as Hotjar, Google Analytics and Infusionsoft to track how you interact with our website. This typically involves the use of cookies and the recording of your IP address and device information.

In most cases, we are only interested in anonymised usage data in order to identify areas for improvement however these Third Party services may provide access to any or all of the identifiable data collected during the analytics process.

Data Retention:

Payment Information: Personal Information that is collected as part of paying for or signing up to any of our Services is kept for compliance reasons for the next 7 years from the date of creation. This may include things such as purchase receipts, credit card settlement records and other payment information that we are required to keep for taxation purposes and as part of our Payment Processor’s Terms and Conditions.

Account Information: Any information that makes up your account, including but not limited to your Name, Email Address, Billing Address, Phone Number, Username and Tokenised Password are kept for 3 years from the date of your last login.

At any time you can request that we destroy and remove this data although this may limit your access to the Services.

Usage Information: Anonymous usage data is kept and used indefinitely. This information does not identify you and includes but is not limited to generic metrics such as click through rate, open rate, time on page, bounce rate and the landing page that you arrived on.

How We Keep Your Personal Information Safe:

Encryption: All sensitive payment data is fully encrypted directly with our Payment Processor, meaning that your credit card details never touch our server. All other Personal Information is transmitted to our Server and CRM inside a fully compliant SSL connection using industry leading encryption to ensure that your Personal Information is never sent across the internet in plain text.

Limited Access: In order to gain access to your Personal Information, Employees and Contractors of Estilada need to have account access tied to their profile. Only those Employees and Contractors who need to access the Personal Information in order to manage your Orders will be able to see any of your data. We do our very best to ensure that at no point is unauthenticated access to your Personal Information made available from the usual activities of our system.

Cloud Storage: We utilise the very latest in distributed storage and encryption frameworks. This significantly reduces the likelihood of accidental leaks, and with server level access only being possible via authentication with an incredibly strong private/public key certificate this is a significantly more secure way to manage and store Personal Information.

Cookie Use:

Cookies are small bits of information stored on your computer that allow us to administer the Services.

Whenever you access or use the Service in any way, shape or form, we may store a Cookie on your device in order to allow us to do things such as identify conversions, authenticate a user session, to show and hide messages that you’ve previously seen or to allow you to continue a Live Chat as well as for general security purposes.

We may also use cookies as part of our overall marketing and analytics strategy which may allow us to record usage information and how you interact with us.

Some of these cookies may be set by a Third Party as part of their integration with our platform, in which case you should refer to the Privacy Policy of those Third Parties for further information on how they use this information.

You have complete control over the use of Cookies and may delete this information at any time, however this may affect your use of the Services including logging you out or removing your previously saved preferences.

By disabling the use of Cookies you may not be able to use any or all parts of the Service.

None of our Services are intended for use or consumption by Children or Minors under the age of 18.

We do not knowingly collect the information of Children or Minors, and if you are under the age limit, please do not provide any Personal Information to us and please do not use any of the Estilada Services.

If you are the Parent of a Child or Minor and become aware that your Child may have provided Personal Information to us or is using the Service in any way, shape or form, please contact us immediately via Live Chat or Email so that we can remove this information and block access to the Service.

Updates To The Privacy Policy:

We may occasionally update this Privacy Policy.

When we do this and have made material changes to the policy we will provide you with a prominent notice within the Service or by providing notification via Email.

Because these updates may affect your usage of the Services, please ensure that you read any and all notices carefully and get in contact with us via the Live Chat or via Email if at any time you do not agree to these terms.

Your continued use of any of our Services including accessing the website, reading emails or in any way shape or form continuing to interact with the platform will indicate that you have read and agree to this privacy policy.